Intensive Driving Courses

What is the need to take an Intensive Driving Course?

This course is also known as the Crash Driving course, the Intensive Driving Course, allows you to fit in the lessons in the block that suits you. People usually schedule the driving course around work, college or holidays. Few people prefer to the idea of ‘generic provigil online’ as they want to learn driving quickly.

What does ‘Intensive Driving Lessons’ actually mean?

According to the psychological statistics, those who take up the driving lessons for more than 5 hours a day, without regular breaks become ineffective. It is said that the pupil reaches on a particular learning stage and then stops incorporating information.

At 1st Choice Driving School, we believe that the best results are achieved when a person gets the opportunity to understand and incorporate the lessons learnt. Therefore, we allow intervals in-between the lessons on the crash driving course schedule

What courses do we offer and how can you select from them?

1st Choice offers fine and enhanced tailor-made courses for its clients that give you the best results. Clients can choose a driving course from our intensive driving course guide that best suits your requirements. Click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Is the Intensive course costlier than the ordinary driving course?

The intensive driving course is very much cost-effective, although the courses are slightly expensive than ordinary driving lessons. Several people have opted for an apparently endless stream of driving lessons with us, with no driving test date in view.

I am 17 years of age, What if I want to drive?

Several 16 year olds do enquire this question with us. Unfortunately, you cannot take up the theory tests until you’re 17years of age. You cannot even apply for a practical test, until you have qualified in the Driving Theory Test.

Our Advice: Opt for a 6 week Intensive driving course, starting off with one lesson per week. As you qualify in the Theory Test, you can amplify the number of lessons for cheap tramadol. First-time pass rate is extremely high with this strategy and soon you will be able to drive on the open roads, like experienced drivers.

Any disadvantages with an Intensive Driving Course?

The Intensive Driving courses are designed to be rigorous in practises. This method of learning yields excellent results for the clients. The Intensive driving course requires pure commitment and willingness to qualify for the final tests. There are no disadvantages of the Intensive Driving course.

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