Pass Plus Courses

What exactly is the Pass Plus Course?

Pass Plus is a certification driving course that you can opt as a newly qualified driver. This certification not only enhances your skills, but also guarantees discounts on your insurance.

If you opt for the Pass plus certification you as a newly qualified driver get the chance to  develop his or her driving skills and venture out in traffic on roads which may not be familiar from the “L” driving lessons.

This course will help you in the following:

  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Achieve valuable experience safely
  • Reduce the risk of a crash or accident
  • Save money for car insurance
  • Build on excellent driving skills and knowledge

Why to opt for Pass Plus?

Statistics depict that new drivers are likely prone to accidents in the first 2 years of their driving. This not only is a disturbing factor for your personal safety, it also hits the premiums for new drivers. The Pass Plus driving course can be beneficial in these situations.

How does it work?

The Pass Plus driving certification consists of 6 practical modules that consist of one hour respectively. Each driving lesson helps the learners cover different subjects, like lessons on driving in the night, driving in the city, dual carriageways, motorways, difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions.

When can I start the driving lessons?

You can pursue the Pass Plus lessons within the first 12 months of passing your driving test.

Will I have to take another driving test?

As a learner, your driving skills will be constantly observed.  All you need is to meet the criteria of qualifying in all the modules to achieve the standards of driving. The driving trainer must each sign on each module & you must complete the Pass Plus course Progress Record and Training Report Form.

How do I get the Certificate?

Your Progress Record and the Training details Form are set according to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Once you qualify all the driving modules, the DSA issues the Pass Plus Certificate. We ensure that you will not only you will be a skilled and a confident driver, but you are deemed to be qualified for a considerable discount on your motor insurance premium from companies that support the scheme.

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2 hours Lesson only for £54

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